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Amberlink Energy is an energy transition  knowledge hub focussing on energy storage (batteries , longer term storage and hydrogen).  Recent work has also focussed on training/professional development courses for Climate change policy and emissions from  energy use. 

Amberlink Energy is based in London.

Research is based on a bottom up approach , using information from leading experts in their field together with public domain data to synthesise knowledge.

Amberlink Energy also counsels on the Upstream Oil and Gas asset analysis, costs/schedules andproject management.

Energy Transition  is at a crossroads

The Energy Transition is underway  in renewable energy generation.   Road transport is next  with the use of  hybrids and battery electric vehicles for light vehicles.  Technologies for the decarbonisation of heat for domestic and industrial use are being trialled

Renewable energy from wind and solar sources are intermittent and required energy storage.  Batteries are commercially viable where solar energy has a consistent pattern (S. Europe, SW USA) utilising batteries with storage of  2 to 6 hours of peak demand . Other energy storage methods are required where wind power is prevalent.   Various technical pathways are being trialled, particularly gravity storage and liquified air.

Hydrogen from renewable sources offers a potential solution for the decarbonisation of heat, heavy duty road transport and shipping .  It may also offer the possibility of inter-seasonal  storage for the power sector.



Carbon Dioxide from energy use is increasing on a global basis.  Increases in the developing world exceed reductions in Europe and N. America.  Emissions have increased in China, India, developing East/South EastAsia and the Middle East  


Recycling Lithium batteries is in its formative stage.  Much work needs to be done. Large companies in the automotive industry can absorb the costs of battery recycling but battery recycling  for micro-grids requires more focus.


Hydrogen can be produced from Renewable Energy by electrolysis of water.  The commerciality viability is being tested in different locations: industrial areas located need the sea as well as remote locations which require hydrogen to be transported to market  


Alan Burns

Over 30 years energy industry experience in the oil and gas sector in development planning, project engineering and cost estimating with international focus.

15 years experience in climate change mitigation and adaptation/resilience.  

Chartered Engineer and Member of the Energy Institute  

About Amberlink Energy 

Having surveyed the Energy Transition and EnergyStorage scene since 2013,  I  realised that change was  coming and wanted to be a key source of knowledge for the industry.

Increasing in competency all the time,  I launched  my Knowledge Hub in Q4 2018.

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